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Avi Schnurr


Avi Schnurr, CEO and President

Avi Schnurr is CEO and President of the Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council.

 Mr. Schnurr has reviewed severe “Black Sky” hazards to lifeline utilities for a number of state and federal government departments and agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the National Security Council, Congress, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Homeland Security, among others.   He has also been a leader in development and coordination of protection strategies for critical national infrastructures, working with CEOs and other senior executives of the nation’s largest power and water companies, as well as key government and NGO stakeholders. 

Internationally, he has given briefings and consulted with CEOs of energy corporations in Israel, the United Kingdom and Sweden, and works with cabinet ministers and other senior representatives of the United Kingdom, Israel and other allied governments.  He has provided invited briefings for NATO, the European Union, Parliamentary Committees, government science advisors and energy ministries, and for senior executives of Lloyd’s and other insurance companies and markets.

Along with Dr. Paul Stockton, recently Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security, Avi Schnurr is co-editor of the Electric Infrastructure Protection (EPRO) Handbook.  Developed with the active participation of senior managers of PJM, NERC, and other government agencies and power companies, the Handbook includes both energy sector and whole-community based recommendations to help utilities and their government and NGO partners reduce the scope and duration of power outages due to severe hazards.

Mr. Schnurr has also been a regular speaker at energy security conferences, and at defense policy institutes.  He has reviewed U.S. defense policies for the Department of Defense, the White House Homeland Security Council, the National Academy of Sciences, Congress, NATO working groups and elsewhere.

He worked previously, until the end of 2004 for Northrop Grumman’s Space Technology Sector in California, where he had system responsibilities for space payloads and other advanced systems and instruments, and also managed U.S. and international defense programs.  He holds a number of patents in laser and optical systems, and twice received the corporate Chairman’s Award for Innovation.

Avi Schnurr received his M.Sc. Degree in Physics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, San Diego.  He and his wife, Sarah, have four children.