EPRO® Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Project

Whole community collaboration to support critical infrastructure resilience and restoration.  

Mission:  Hosting coordinated efforts by lifeline infrastructure sectors and their government and NGO partners to plan and implement cost effective resilience, restoration and response measures for Black Sky Hazards.  The EPRO®  ESC project includes semi-annual meetings of the umbrella Executive Steering Committee, supported by recurring sector-specific committee meetings (EPRO ESC Sector).  

EPRO ESC Semiannual Meetings

The umbrella EPRO ESC meetings provide an opportunity for representatives of key sectors to review critical sector interdependencies and cross-sector support requirements, along with other broadly applicable content.

EPRO ESC Sector meetings provide opportunities for different utility, government and NGO sectors to develop sector-unique Black Sky Playbooks addressing the three fundamental categories of effort needed to implement protection measures:

a) Black Sky Service Level:  The service goal for Black Sky Hazard scenarios.  

b) Sector Internal Requirements:  The measures needed to achieve these service levels.

c) Sector External Requirements:  External support needed in Black Sky scenarios.