Our Mission

EIS Council works as a catalyst, hosting leaders and organizations from many nations and all critical sectors, working together to develop and implement the solutions we will need to survive future disasters, of any scale.

What we do

We bring together corporate, government, and NGO decision-makers from all sectors and nations, and concerned people everywhere, to collaborate on this mission. From the world’s largest extreme hazard resilience exercises and planning workshops to innovative Black Sky tool development, our initiatives have been widely acclaimed. All of us on the EIS Council team are dedicated to helping secure a thriving future for our world.


Who are we?


Crisis readiness

Our world – all of us, in every country – depends on critical life-supporting infrastructures – water, food, electricity, healthcare, finance, transportation, communication, energy and human resources. 

The world’s lifeline.

COVID-19 has shown us what can happen to the world when these infrastructures are disrupted by a major disaster. But what if the next crisis hits the world’s financial system? National power grids? Food, water, transportation, supply chains and communication networks? 

Are adequate corporate, multi-sector and international resilience preparations in place?

At the Council these are the questions that inspire us to help bring together the people and organizations who, together, can prepare the world for future catastrophes.

All scale crises

Hosting dedicated leaders from all sectors and nations to build the resilient resources vital to secure and sustain our future.


Building a thriving, crisis-secure

Helping people, communities, corporations and nations prepare for the emerging resilience challenges of our deeply interdependent world – preventing catastrophes.


Our values guide us in everything we do

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