Avi Schnurr

Planetary Security Chief: Nominations are now open!

Avi Schnurr
CEO and President at Electric Infrastructure Security Council

… if only.

But no. There is no Office of Planetary Security for our little, struggling planet.

But boy do we need one!

In our tech-driven world, all infrastructures, all supply chains and product and service networks today are interconnected: the operation of pretty much anything depends on the operation of pretty much everything else.

What could possibly go wrong … (?!!)

As we’ve seen over and over again (baby formula disruption, blockaded grain shipments, pandemic-induced supply chain chaos, etc.) there is a downside to today’s tight interdependencies.

But that downside is, unfortunately, quite grim.

Disrupt any one of these interconnected systems badly enough, and the whole system (that would be our system) could collapse.

Ok. Pretty scary, under any circumstances. But that downside is particularly evident in times like these, with escalating cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure served up daily on your favorite news podcast, with an extra serving (today’s special!) of nuclear war threats.

Courtesy of Mother Russia.

Ok. Veryscary. But if there’s no planetary resilience management team, how can we get responsible, timely security advice?

On July 7 at 11:00 EDT, defense and security leaders from Europe, India and Israel to the US are coming together to work through this.The United States; The United Kingdom; India; Italy; Sweden; Israel; the United Arab Emirates.

Rather remarkably, current and former Secretaries of Defense, national cyber security and defense directors, State emergency managers and corporate security executives from seven nations are joining together to work through a worst-case nightmare scenario: a cyber and EMP strike on one of the world’s most important nations. 

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How bad could it be?

What could be done to prepare?

Is there hope for recovery?

Would a Russian attack on Lithuania (already threatened by the Kremlin) trigger Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, starting World War III?

Even more remarkably, the deliberations of these defense and security leaders will be open to the public.

Register for the exercise, and ask your questions (chat will be open and visible to the panelists).


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