The Global Resilience Commission

In our complex interdependent world, COVID-19 and other recent crises have shown us that the scale and frequency of catastrophes are growing. The Global Resilience Commission brings together private and public sector leaders from around the world to pool their knowledge, and collaborate in building the resilience we will need to secure our future.

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EIS Summits

Bringing together senior leaders and decision makers from all sectors and many countries to network and share ideas: Planning and building the interconnected resilience that can secure and power our future.
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Upcoming Events

Private: EARTH EX® 2021: Fires and Floods

EARTH EX® - All-hazard, all-sector, all-nation global resilience exercise.

Developed and operated by senior emergency managers, EARTH EX has become the largest and most sophisticated crisis resilience exercise in history, with state of the art video injects, real time feedback and direct engagement with complex, Black Sky class catastrophes.

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