All-Hazard, All-Scale Disaster Protection Consulting

EIS is the recognized global leader in risk assessment and protective strategies addressing serious risks and hazards on all scales, from conventional disasters to extreme, “Black Sky” class events.

EMP Protection Consulting

EIS Council’s multidisciplinary EMP protection consulting team is a global leader in hardware vulnerability testing, and in implementing and validating EMP protection technologies for industry and government customers in the United States and around the world.

Energy Assurance Toolkit

Commissioned originally by the State of Kentucky, this unparalleled, template-driven capability offers both all-hazard risk assessment and cost effective solutions for reliable, remotely assured emergency power operation, including unique options for low cost, low-fuel, extended duration operation of critical equipment and assets. Also included for US-based customers: The EA Blueprint - Offers a solution for EA requirements addressable by BRIC, traditional mitigation and resilience investment funding streams.

General Consulting Services

EIS provides resilience, preparedness, and response planning advisory services for hazards of all types, on all scales.


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