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Our mission

EIS Council hosts leaders and organizations from all critical sectors, in nations around the world, to support joint development and implementation of the solutions we will need to survive future disasters, on all scales.

What we do

From producing EARTH EX, the unique whole-of-world extreme hazard resilience exercise, to developing the unique tools needed to recover from Black Sky catastrophes, the Council cultivates visionary global resilience initiatives that will be critical to enabling recovery from the extreme hazards our civilization faces.

Together we create change

Nearly 8 billion people now share the planet we call home, and our civilization's continuity is a tribute to the tightly interconnected, global-scale, high tech infrastructures, industries, supply chains and financial services that sustain it.

COVID-19 and Climate Change represent a wake up call to all of us . As our high tech economic and industrial interdependencies become ever tighter and more complex, the risk of a natural or manmade hazard causing a global scale catastrophe continues to grow.

EIS Council is the only organization hosting development and -- vitally important -- all-sector implementation of the tools and capabilities that will be essential to recovery from such extreme, global catastrophes.

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