EARTH EX has become the largest resilience exercise in history, with participation from all corporate and government sectors, individuals, families, and communities in more than 40 nations.

This year’s exercise is particularly timely, with its focus on serious wildfire and flood scenarios, eerily similar to events making headlines, worldwide.

Also this year, for the first time, EARTH EX begins with interactive Hollywood-class video inject productions and provides comprehensive training resources for every public and private sector organization.

When is EARTH EX 2021?

EARTH EX is now live and will be available for play continuously through October 31, 2021. The exercise features multiple “lanes,” providing detailed guidance for organizations in many different sectors.

Why Play EARTH EX 2021?

EARTH EX is offered by EIS Council as a free service for all participants, worldwide. With the rapid growth in the pace and scale of disasters, this exercise has become the single, largest opportunity for people and organizations everywhere to prepare for disasters. This year’s focus on wildfires and floods makes the exercise particularly important for corporations, communities, families, and government agencies.



What to Expect

EARTH EX-2021 is a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking tabletop exercise. It uses state-of-the-art video injects and a modern game-like interface to present the situation, new information and facilitate exercise play through the exercise landscape.

Play consists of gathering new information, developing courses of action, and making and refining decisions. Players receive all the essential information for their sector and other sectors that can influence the environment. There are two separate phases, one for fire and one for floods.

Who Should Play EARTH EX-2021

Everyone – there is an Individual and Family Functional Area that is perfect for everyone to participate. Six additional functional areas support in-depth play for organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Within those six areas, thirty-eight unique lanes address nearly all of the functions that make up the modern, highly interconnected, and interdependent world.

New features in this year’s exercise

EARTH EX this year begins with an engaging, story-based video inject, then moves on to provide detailed, varying disaster injects for discussion and decision making, for both wildfire and flood scenarios. As a special added feature, an interactive video follows each of these scenarios to help participants explore their personal and family preparedness.


Each year, EARTH EX advances one or more of the primary Black Sky (prolonged duration power outage) threats to support preparedness and resilience discussions.
This year’s themes include developing situational, understanding evacuation decisions, supply chain and resource management impacts, and the critical restoration mission.

EARTH EX Evaluation

EARTH EX is a self-assessed, self-evaluated exercise opportunity.
Each person or organization will evaluate their level of play and readiness.

EARTH EX Preparation

EARTH EX is a “Come As You Are” opportunity. Several optional training opportunities are part of the EARTH EX series.

Grants and Certificates

EARTH EX follows HSEEP guidelines and is perfect for meeting EMPG exercise requirements. Everyone that completes the exercise and the survey will receive a certificate of completion.

Crisis readiness
for our interconnected world

In 2020 over 12,000 participants engaged in EARTH EX, many playing multiple times and multiple lanes.
Again, this year, participants can register to play multiple functional areas and lanes.

Playing EARTH EX

EARTH EX is a highly adaptable and flexible exercise built to support virtual play.

Uniquely configured, EARTH EX is excellent as an individual exercise. EARTH EX can drive group play such as a section or team.
With local facilitation, it can drive significant organizational elements like an Emergency Operations Center or corporate boardroom discussion.

EARTH EX provides all of the information needed to support these environments, including User and Facilitator Guides.

Training Opportunities

EARTH EX 2021 has three significant planned training opportunities planned for this year’s EARTH EX Series.

In addition to three exercise design planning meetings, the EARTH EX series includes three training workshops presented in webinar format. The EARTH EX team records all webinars for viewing on-demand.

Training Opportunities

EARTH EX 2021 Functional Areas

The EARTH EX design supports cross-sector awareness using customized injects to advance play. Participants can sign up and play one or more of the exercise areas listed below.

  • Individuals and Families
  • Leaders and Communities
  • Government Functions
  • Medical and Health Care Functions
  • Critical Infrastructure – Utility Functions
  • Private Sector and Financial Functions
  • Communications and IT Operations

EARTH EX-2021 Training and Resilience Objectives

EARTH EX-2021 is focused on the following objectives to drive learning.

  • Improving planning for actions in response to a catastrophic event
  • Refining and developing restoration priorities and support concepts
  • Better understanding the tools and capabilities required
  • Developing internal and external future training and support requirements

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