EPRO EMP Handbook

The idea of a massive EMP strike disrupting electronic infrastructure across the globe does sound scary – you may have even seen it portrayed in books, movies, and television. But, don’t be fooled as they are far from a sci-fi fiction doomsday scenario. In fact, natural EMPs have indeed caused debilitating EMP interferences in the past and could always strike again. 

You may be thinking: well, we survived in the past, so what’s different now? 

The short answer? Everything. 

Our reliance on electricity for the normal functioning of the world and critical infrastructures is at an all-time high – this means that any sufficiently powerful EMP (natural or artificial) can temporarily deactivate the electronic devices we rely on so heavily. And, if extremely energetic, these devices might even suffer permanent damage. 

In other words, a powerful EMP could knock out major electrical power grids for weeks or even months. 

So, what can we do? 

To start, learn what steps we need to take to secure our future. And you can do this by downloading our ERPO EMP Handbook!

Read our handbook to discover detailed best practices and cost-effective EMP protection solutions for electronic utilities.

To receive this informative handbook as well as other vital information in our library, for free, become a member of the EIS council.

After you join, you will receive an email with your credentials. Click on the members’ login box to access the members’ zone and library, where you’ll be able to find the EPRO EMP Handbook.

“Leading power companies and their partners (including government regulators) are investing in prudent, prioritized measures to reduce their EMP vulnerabilities and enable effective restoration following an EMP-induced large-scale power outage.

This Handbook captures and shares their emerging best practices, providing a comprehensive menu of the best options to accomplish these protection and restoration goals, along
with a summary of the most recent EMP research and testing results.”

Alternatively, purchase our handbook on Amazon to discover our peer-reviewed analysis, recommendations, and practical, implementable best practices for bolstering resilience against Black Sky hazards.

Together, we can work to secure our future.


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