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“Leading power companies and their partners (including government regulators) are investing in prudent, prioritized measures to reduce their EMP vulnerabilities and enable effective restoration following an EMP-induced large scale power outage. This Handbook captures and shares their emerging best practices, providing a comprehensive menu of the best options to accomplish these protection and restoration goals, along
with a summary of the most recent EMP research and testing results.”

You can also order a hard copy of EPRO® HANDBOOK IV: EMP on Amazon.

Today’s secret non-plan for communication in a catastrophe

Avi Schnurr, CEO and President at Electric Infrastructure Security Council Ok, here’s the (apparently seriously tough) tricky question: Do we want to be able to survive and recover if a really, really bad thing happens — massive cyber or EMP attack (e.g., Russia? North Korea?), COVID++, extreme solar storm, megaquake, etc. — that shuts down […]

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Scott Blevins, Technical Director for communications systems EIS Council January 2022, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists once again set the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight, the nearest the hands of the Doomsday clock, designed to predict how close humanity is to apocalyptic annihilation, have ever been […]

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Water = Communication.

John Organek, Water Sector Coordinator at Electric Infrastructructure Security Council Water is vital to sustaining life, and electricity and communications are vital to sustaining water. The three infrastructures are highly interdependent and a similar value assessment can be made from the perspective of each of them on their role in sustaining societies. But let’s focus […]

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