Thursday, 11 am EDT, July 7, 2022

By special arrangement, senior security and cyber directors are coming together from around the world for the 1st ever "Cyber and EMP Strike" online exercise, open to all. Offer your thoughts in real-time at this mega-event, as some of the world's most respected, senior security directors consider our civilization's growing risk, and options to manage it.

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Nation-state nuclear and cyber threats. Increasing tensions in the NATO-Russia Ukraine war confrontation. Global-scale pandemic. Accelerating planet-scale climate, food and inflation crises.

At a time of extreme geopolitical instability and unprecedented fragility in our tightly interdependent global supply chains, preeminent cyber and security directors, past and present, will gather from throughout the world in the 1st ever multi-national Global Cyber and EMP Strike Exercise.

Enriched with tailored video “injects,” this unique event will offer a window into the thinking of a remarkable group of current and former national and corporate security directors at a time of unprecedented, civilization-scale threats.

Participating Directors will explore the unique risks and national and global resilience opportunities associated with extreme cyber and EMP strikes. The live exercise will be hosted as a large-scale, international webinar, with viewers, joining from many nations, participating by submitting real-time questions in “chat mode” which may be added to the Directors’ discussion, and addressed online by EIS Council’s subject matter experts.

Please plan to join us for this unique and important conversation in this special event of the EARTH EX® global exercise series. 


New York