Simulating Complexity,
Simplifying Decisions

In the chaos of a large-scale power outage, all infrastructures and services, in all sectors, are at risk of shutting down. Restoring and restarting electric grids and other lifeline infrastructures in such a scenario is a particularly complex, manual, labor- and communication-intensive effort requiring weeks or months to resolve. And before restoration can begin, assessment and repair of relevant equipment and facilities will be essential, for both the power grid and for other grid-critical infrastructures, suppliers and customers.

GINOM® is designed to enable robust, mission-optimized guidance for operators in all critical sectors. Without it, assessment, repair, and restoration will likely take far too long to sustain the lives of the affected population.


With both extreme natural hazards and manmade threats increasing, electric grids, microgrids and their supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to attack and disruption, making preplanned resilience critical to recovery. Yet in today’s reality of closely coupled, interconnected infrastructures, resilience will depend on a wide array of interdependent resources, services and supply chains (e.g., communications, fuel and rework equipment resupply, transport, etc.). This makes it nearly impossible for operators to project the primary, secondary and tertiary consequences of repair or restoration choices they make, as they navigate the chaos of an extreme, large scale power cut.

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GINOM—a real-time digital twin framework for simulating interdependent grids, microgrids and their suppliers—will play an essential role in taming this chaos. Armed with sophisticated models and fed with up-to-date situation data, available actions can be enumerated, simulated, and analyzed to recommend mission-prioritized courses of action and forecast potential outcomes.

Situational Awareness for Complex Scenarios

A true, real-time digital duplicate of interdependent infrastructures and suppliers would give operators in all sectors the situational awareness and decision support they’ll need to find a success path among the myriad dead ends in chaotic, highly-disrupted scenarios. But developing and maintaining a massive “mego-model” of many fast-changing, proprietary corporations is impractical on many levels: pragmatic, proprietary, and security. What can be done instead?

Revolutionizing Resilience: GINOM's Unique Approach

GINOM takes an out-of-the-box approach to resolving this critical problem. Rather than attempting a massive digital duplicate of all interdependent stakeholders, GINOM instead provides a collaboration framework for all players to functionally interconnect their existing models and simulations. The resulting interconnected, functional, and non-proprietary network of interdependent models and simulations can then work together like the internet itself to provide unprecedented scale and resilient computation for both situational awareness and decision support tasks


Empowering Resilience: GINOM's Advanced Capabilities for Rapid Recovery

In the chaotic environment following a large-scale power cut, situational awareness and optimized decision support will be essential enablers for power grid blackstart and FOB microgrid restoration, making it possible for grid-critical interdependent stakeholders to orchestrate and prioritize their efforts—in advance and in real time—as part of the complex repair and restoration process. These capabilities will be particularly critical to support rapid recovery, and meet population sustainment restoration timelines. The GINOM platform, currently at a prototype development level, is structured to enable precisely these capabilities.


Key Features

Functional Integration

Fundamental to GINOM’s architecture, enabling integration of multiple organizations’ models and simulations into a single orchestrated environment without the need for proprietary data sharing


Unlike data-hungry AI and machine learning methods, GINOM’s agent-based structure allows simulation and analysis of events—like large scale, cross-sector cascading infrastructure failures—that have never occurred

True "Digital Twin"

GINOM seamlessly combines real-time data feeds, human operator inputs, and simulation data for powerful decision support

Unlimited Scalability

Designed for both vertical and horizontal scalability, GINOM makes best use of all available compute resources


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Empowering Resilience:

Empowering Resilience:


Recognizing the inherent complexity, scalability limits, and proprietary issues with previous approaches, GINOM offers an innovative solution to address growing energy infrastructure disaster threats. Embrace GINOM’s unique capabilities to navigate complex catastrophes and ensure resilience. Contact us to learn more.

Powering GINOM:

Powering GINOM:

The Technological Backbone for Simulation and Scalability

GINOM’s core engine is written in the Scala programming language, a versatile language well suited to developing large, concurrent and distributed software systems. GINOM’s user interfaces take full advantage of existing web technology and can be run in web browsers or dedicated apps in mobile phones, tablets, or on the desktop. GINOM’s components intercommunicate using a well-defined protocol in gRPC, a high-performance industry-standard RPC framework.


Dr. Anthony Bucci

Technical Director for Infrastructure Simulation

Yosi Shneck

Energy and Security Coordinator

Avner Hilu

Global Project Manager

Sergei Ionin

Backend Software Developer GINOM

Sebastian Castaneda

Backend Software Developer GINOM

Dr. Ehud Ganani

Vice President for Strategic Programs


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