Global coalition unites to address the fragility of modern
civilization’s interdependent infrastructures

Humanity is facing growing challenges to the complex, vulnerable network of interdependent
infrastructures that sustains our lives, risking irreversible, systemic disruption of modern civilization.
Leading academic and research institutions, corporations, foundations and government agencies
from across the globe are coming together to address this risk.


The Problem

Systemic, global infrastructure fragility and expanding threats

The infrastructures sustaining our civilization have evolved to become an efficient, increasingly complex & interdependent global system.  Yet without embedded, system-wide resilience, growing complexity & interdependence means growing fragility, with serious implications for our future.

The Opportunity

Investor-driven, collaborative global resilience

The Human Continuity Project® (HCP), a collaborative project of leading institutions worldwide, hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council, emerged from recognition of the expanding fragility of our modern infrastructures, essential resources and supply chains. The project represents a unique, planetary-scale initiative to assemble and empower global leaders to collaborate in addressing this fragility, as an urgent priority.   The project is planned as a robust, global scale resilience consortium, focused on researching, planning, developing and enabling wide deployment of tools, capabilities, policies and plans that will be urgently needed for sustainment and recovery from extreme disasters and complex, Black Sky catastrophes.  The project will be framed and guided by aero-space class system engineering.   As it grows the Project will include an expanding range of respected academic and research institutions, corporations, NGOs, utilities and government agencies from many nations, worldwide.

Companies & organizations participating in EIS training & Exercises


All Sector Resilience

Research &

  • Sector Assessment
  • Interface Recommendations
  • HCP Policy Requirements
  • GINOM® Digital Twin MOS
    (Mutli-Corporate Operating System)


  • Multi-infrastructure
    Resilience Sensitivity Study
  • Multi-infrastructure
    Resilience Optimization

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