All-hazard, all-sector, all-nation global resilience exercise

Developed and operated by senior emergency managers, EARTH EX® has become the largest and most sophisticated crisis resilience exercise in history, with state of the art video injects, real-time feedback and direct engagement with complex, Black Sky class catastrophes.

Earth Ex live – January 11 2024 – Save your spot today! 

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Black Sky Exercise Series

With multiple exercise “lanes” focused for different corporate, government, and community sectors, these engaging, online exercises have now been used by thousands of organizations in dozens of nations. Black Sky exercises are designed to guide professional teams through the key elements of disaster scenarios on any scale, as a framework to review, expand and build training for their organizations’ unique resilience planning and resource investment

Black Sky Exercises Series:

Black Sky Cyber Exercise

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Black Sky EMP Exercise

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EIS Facilitated Customized Training Workshop

Facilitated crisis planning workshops designed for interactive engagement with an organization’s full team, to explore existing process capabilities and address readiness gaps for scenarios ranging from conventional to Black Sky-class complex catastrophes.

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Disaster Module ‘News’ Summary


Restoration Module ‘News’ Summary


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