CPIC ® – A collaborative supply chain security certification process: EIS Council hosts periodic webinars and cybersecurity events building a growing community of interest to explore this important initiative.

SCURe – The Supply Chain User Resilience Consortium: Hosting global, all-sector collaboration for supply chain security certification and diversification. A multi-national, multi-sector supply chain diversification process designed to assure wide vendor access to all markets

CPIC-SCURe: Supply Chain Security

All-hazard, grid-independent, fully interoperable voice and data emergency communication system with unlimited scalability.

Built using technology from the world’s most advanced military comm systems, BSX is now in early deployment in the utility sector in the United States and Israel.

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BSX: All-Hazard Emergency Communication System


A state of the art situational awareness and decisions support operating system for conventional and extreme crisis scenarios.

  • Designed to operate through functional integration of interdependent infrastructures and supply chain systems, without requiring proprietary data sharing
  • Structured to provide AI-guided decision support for decision makers in all sectors
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GINOM: Situational Awareness and Decision
Support Operating System


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