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Planet Security

If only! But no. 

Unfortunately, there is no Office of Planetary Security for our little, struggling planet.

But boy, do we need one!

In our tech-driven world, all infrastructures, supply chains, and product and service networks today are interconnected: the operation of pretty much anything depends on the operation of everything else.

What could possibly go wrong?

As we’ve seen over and over again, (baby formula disruption, blockaded grain shipments, pandemic-induced supply chain chaos, and so on), there is a downside to today’s tight interdependencies.

And that downside is quite grim.

Disrupt any one of these interconnected systems badly enough, and the whole system, that is, our system, could collapse.

Ok, pretty scary, under any circumstance. But that downside is particularly evident in times like these, with escalating successful cyber attacks on our critical infrastructures served up on your favorite news podcast daily, and let’s not forget the nuclear war threats courtesy of Mother Russia.

Ok, very scary. So, if there’s no planetary resilience management team to turn to, how can we get responsible and timely security advice? It’s simple: by coming together to work on a solution.

Where do we begin?

First and foremost, we need to unite secretaries of defense, national cyber security directors, State emergency managers, and other defense executives to work through black sky catastrophe scenarios in order to come up with solutions together. Check out our various events to join the discussion.

Second, we need to raise funds to secure our security measures. Want to help us? Contribute to our mission today.


Avi Schnurr, CEO, and President of Electric Infrastructure Security Council

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