“In the second episode of Season 2, Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, explores how science and technology help us plan for and mitigate Black Sky Events. Modern day systems are so interdependent that serious disruption of any major service or supply network could cascade into them all and create a so-called Black Sky Event. So how can science and technology make our infrastructure more resilient in the face of these challenges?

Helen is joined by Avi Schnurr, the CEO and President of Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council, which leads discussion, research and collaboration for global resilience planning with senior executives, key government and NGO stakeholders across all sectors.  Avi founded EIS Council to help bridge resilience gaps for hazards on all scales, treating the black sky problem with a systematic, systems engineering approach. Avi says, ”Hoping for the best is not a plan.”

The Zero Pressure podcast series looks at how science and technology positively can contribute to solving complex, interrelated global challenges of today and tomorrow. We look at pioneering technologies and speak to those on the thinking edge.

Zero Pressure is a podcast from Imperial College London and Saab. A relaxed conversation with those on the cutting edge of science and technology – hosted by Britain’s first astronaut Helen Sharman – Presented by Imperial College London and Saab.”

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